Dragon Medical 12


Dragon Medical 12 Teaser


Anyone in the know is forbidden, by NDA (nondisclosure agreement), from disclosing any information on Dragon Medical 12 (DMPE 2) release dates or proprietary information about the product. However, without breaking our NDA, we can share what we already know will be included in Medical 12; which is everything that is included in NaturallySpeaking Pro 12 plus some new amenities which we will not be able to discuss until after Medical 12 is officially released.

Dragon Medical 12 or DMPE 2 (we don’t actually know what it will be called) will introduce over 100 new features and enhancements (over Ver. 11), including: improved accuracy, Hotmail/Gmail support, IE10 support, improved Firefox & Chrome support, Android support, the ability to disable commands, significantly improved built-in tutorials, smart formatting, and improvements to the microphone Asleep state (to prevent the microphone from accidentally waking up). In our opinion, though, the most significant improvement has got to be the increase in SPEED. The two issues our clients found most problematic with Ver. 11 were speed (a slight overall lag in time before the spoken words appeared on the screen, making Ver. 11 slower than Ver. 10) and latency issues (unusually long delays before the spoken words appeared on the screen). Ver. 12 appears not only to be much faster than Ver. 11, but also faster than Ver. 10, with seemingly no latency.  While Ver. 11 introduced dual core multi-threading, Ver. 12 upped the ante by introducing true parallel processing (using both processors simultaneously, rather than bouncing back and forth as was the case with Ver. 11). Since we use voice commands throughout our KnowBrainer 2012 command utility, we were really impressed with the two new (British and American English) text-to-speech readers. There is nothing like hearing the velvety female response of “Yes, boss” when we say the KnowBrainer “Computer” command.

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