Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is here, 16 Page Review

DMPE2DMPE 2 (commonly referred to as Dragon Medical 12) Coming Soon

Although DMPE 2 (Dragon Medical 12) won’t be shipping to customers until around June 20, Nuance has officially announced the release of DMPE 2 which means that Nuance certified/licensed resellers (many who have already received pre-release copies of DMPE 2) are now permitted to discuss it publicly. While most of the technology in DMPE 2 was released in NaturallySpeaking 12/12.5 nine months ago, there are a few additional features. In short, DMPE 2 includes over 100 new features and enhancements, including: improved accuracy, Hotmail/Gmail support, IE9/10 support, improved Firefox & Chrome support, Android support, the ability to disable commands, significantly improved built-in tutorials, smart formatting, and improvements to the microphone Asleep state. You will also find remote dictation support for Windows 7/8 Ultimate Server and Windows Server 2008. In our opinion, the most significant improvement has got to be the increase in SPEED. The two issues our clients found most problematic with DMPE were speed (a slight overall lag in time before the spoken words appeared on the screen, making DMPE slower than Dragon Medical 10) and latency issues (unusually long delays before the spoken words appeared on the screen). DMPE 2 appears not only to be faster than DMPE, but even faster than Medical 10, with seemingly no latency.  If you would like to see the rest of our 16 page DMPE 2 review click KnowBrainer DMPE 2 Review

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