Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Released Today

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is finally here. Medical professionals on the Mac platform have a fast and easy way to transcribe their appointment and medical record notes directly into the world’s most popular EHR systems and other applications immediately, with virtually no spelling errors.

If you are a physician using a Mac EMR (such as MacPractice, PowerMed, Practice Solutions or EXmedic) or you’re required to use a Mac computer, Nuance has finally released Dragon Dictate Medical; not to be confused with MacSpeech Medical which has been discontinued. Dragon Dictate Medical is basically a combination of Dragon Dictate with 90 medical specialty language models (vocabularies on steroids). While Dragon Dictate Medical does not include professional amenities such as a Roaming user profile network support, the ability to export your vocabulary with pronunciations or the ability to create advanced scripting commands, it utilizes the same speech engine as Dragon Medical Practice Ed 2 and includes the ability to transcribe digital recordings.

NOTE #1: Current MacSpeech Medical users have the option of upgrading to the Dragon Dictate Medical Upgrade but this is the only upgrade path available.

NOTE #2: If you have the option to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 (w/DNS 12 Speech Engine) for the PC on a Mac running a virtual Windows environment such as Parallels, Boot Camp or an actual PC, we recommend doing so because DMPE 2 is notably more developed. However, if this is not an option, you now have the opportunity to use Dragon Dictate Medical.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac Product Overview – If you would like to learn more visit http://www.knowbrainer.com or call 615-884-4558

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