Samson AirLine Micro Camera – Wireless System with Dragon Medical

KnowBrainer Speech Recognition Perspective of the AirLine Micro – Camera Edition
The Samson Airline Micro Camera Edition is a new wrinkle on the Samson Airline Micro which is a popular small portable wireless microphone with one limitation; it includes a non-replaceable wireless microphone. The biggest advantage of the new Samson Airline Micro Camera is that it will allow you to convert any analog microphone (terminating in a standard 1/8 inch plug) into a wireless microphone. Our favorite microphones, to pair with the AirLine Micro are the FlexyMike SE and FlexyMike DE headsets because they’re very lightweight and comfortable, as well as accurate. The Samson AirLine Micro Camera is a completely self-contained wireless unit which includes built-in rechargeable NiMH batteries in the transmitter and receiver. It has professional look and feel, is very small and doesn’t require an AC outlet. The transmitter includes a belt clip but it is so small, we prefer to drop it into any available pocket.

Tom Hamilton

Nuance Gold Certified & BBB Accredited

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